Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School

Breakfast and After School Club




4-11 Breakfast and After School Care at Holtsmere End Junior School

In July 2018 we received the Outstanding grade in our Ofsted inspection

Children have a right to a safe environment that facilitates their development and maximises their potential. They have a right to be cared for in an environment that is happy and supportive, so that they can grow up feeling confident and secure. Children have a right to be cared for in a way that promotes their best health and safety.

At 4-11 these are issues close to our heart and we operate in an ethos of always trying to do the best we can possibly do for the families who entrust their children into our care. We are constantly examining our homely environment and reflecting upon how we work and always striving to improve, it is part of the way we work. We welcome partnership with parents and carers as a way to meet their family’s needs successfully.

Our Club is well maintained and organised to help a child feel at home. We are always investing in new equipment to ensure we are well-resourced. Our inside lay out is designed to encourage children to make independent choices to select resources including art materials or games and toys.

Breakfast club starts at 7.45am

After School sessions finish at 4pm, 4.30pm or 5.45pm

Visits –   Parents are very welcome to visit when considering registering their child with us. We prefer to arrange visits by appointment so staff can give parents as much time as needed to ensure that they are happy with the team and facilities and are not prevented from undertaking their pre-arranged activities due to unplanned visits. This also allows us to better safeguard the children in our care, rather than allow casual access.

Please contact us by e-mail – taralm@live.co.uk to arrange a visit.