Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School

Term Dates



INSET DAY:            Friday 1st September (School closed)

TERM BEGINS:      Monday 4th September 

HALF TERM:           23rd - 27th October inclusive 

TERM ENDS:           Wednesday 20th December 

NURSERY ENDS:    12:00 noon

SCHOOL ENDS:       1:30pm



     INSET DAYS:           Thursday & Friday 4th & 5th January (School closed)

      TERM BEGINS:       Monday 8th January 

      HALF TERM:           19th - 23rd February inclusive

      TERM ENDS:          Thursday 28th March 

      NURSERY ENDS:    12:00 noon

      SCHOOL ENDS:      1:30pm


      SUMMER TERM 2024

      INSET DAY:              Monday 15th April (School closed)

      TERM BEGINS:       Tuesday 16th April

      BANK HOLIDAY:     Monday 6th May (School closed)

      HALF TERM:           27th May - 31st May inclusive

      TERM ENDS:           Friday 19th July 

      NURSERY ENDS:   12:00 noon

      SCHOOL ENDS:      1:30pm


For leave taken in term time, you must complete our Request for leave of absence in term time, within three weeks of the start of the proposed leave of absence. Parents and carers are reminded that leave of absence taken without permission may result in the issuing of Fixed Penalty Fines (FPN) by the Local Authority of up to £120 per parent per child.

Parents are also reminded that leave of absence for the purposes of holidays in term time can no longer be granted save in the most exceptional circumstances.  Absence can ONLY be granted by the Head Teacher.