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 Beech Class - Miss Turner

Pine Class - Mrs Silver and Mrs Lemarie

Year 2 Celebration Video

Year 2 Leavers celebration 

Year 2 Leavers celebration 

Summer 2

World Religion Day

In Year 2 we focused on Hinduism. We retold the Hindu Creation Story, made Holi cards, we looked at the colours of Holi and what they symbolised and we even looked at the Holi festival and how it was celebrated. We found out that Holi is the festival of colour and Hindus celebrate Holi by throwing coloured powder paint.

Thorpe Bay Trip

As part of our topic 'Oh we do like to be beside the Seaside', we visited Thorpe Bay in Southend. We paddled in the sea, made sandcastles, collected shells and even had an ice cream! We had such a fantastic time!

Art Week - Flowers in Art

Bhaktivedanta Manor - Hindu Temple

We visited the Hindu Temple. We recognised lots of Gods and Goddesses we had been learning about in RE. We visited the shrine, observed a prayer service, went on an oxen and cart ride and fed carrots to the cows. We also had a yummy lunch!

Summer 1

In Science, we planted basil and radish seeds. We looked at what plants need to grow and be healthy. We took it in turns throughout the half term to water the plants.

In computing, we used purple mash to create repeating patterns in the style of William Morris.

Jubilee Celebrations

Around the World Day

WWII Evacuee Day

Captain Hatfield from 'History off the Page' visited our school. We learnt what life was like for a child during WWII. We travelled back in time and experienced what school was like for the children and we also practiced rationing. We had such a fun day!

Spring 2

World Book Day

 Our World Book Day theme this year was 'Fairy Tales with a Twist'. Beech Class looked at 'Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion' by Alex Smith and Pine Class looked at 'Hansel and Gretel' by Bethan Woolvin.

We looked at the artist 'John Adams'. We created a piece of artwork based on 'The Titanic'. We practiced making secondary colours and creating different tones of blue. 

Titanic Celebration

We experienced what life would have been like as a First Class and Third Class passenger onboard the Titanic. In First class we had elocution lessons, visited the library and learnt The Waltz. We also tried french cheese and french ice cream. In Third class, we did group dancing, played cards and quoits. We had porridge, oat cakes and bread with marmalade.  

Science Week

In History this week we began exploring our new topic 'Titanic'. We looked at a variety of artefacts and sources and asked questions to find out more about what happened to the Titanic.

Spring 1

Paul Klee

In Art, we looked at the artist Paul Klee and how he experimented with lots of colour. We learnt about hot and cold colours and then created our own abstract portraits based around Florence Nightingale.

Children's Mental Health Week

This week we celebrated 'Children's Mental Health Week'. The theme this year was 'Growing Together'. We started the week off by listening to a virtual assembly on the Place2Be website. We also created our own support balloons and looked at the people we could turn to if we had a problem. We listened to the song 'Reach for the Stars' and created our own goals around emotional growth. We ended the week by planting some surprise seeds and discussed that sometimes growth can be slow and it can't be seen but we know it is happening.  

Dragon dancing

 To celebrate Chinese New Year, we took part in some dragon dancing. We found out what the colours of the Chinese flag mean and what the capital of China is. We also learnt a routine to traditional Chinese music.

Musical fun - We are learning to play the ukulele! 

We have had lots of visits from the tooth fairy in Year 2! We completed an experiment in Science to see how different liquids effect our teeth. We used egg shells to represent our teeth. We had to make a prediction to see what liquid would change the egg shell the most - coke, water, milk, orange juice or squash. In Pine Class the egg shell that changed the most was the egg shell in squash and in Beech Class the coke changed the egg shell the most. We concluded from our experiment that if we drink lots and lots of sugary drinks it can damage our teeth. We discussed lots of different ways of how we can look after our new teeth that are starting to come through!

Florence Nightingale Day

We had a very fun day celebrating our current topic 'Lady with the Lamp'. We began the morning making lanterns, herb bags, dip pens and medals. We even wrote with our dip pens and ink! In the afternoon, we were transported back in time to 'Scutari Hospital'. We had different jobs in the hospital including cooks, cleaners, gardeners and nurses. 

'I enjoyed being a nurse because I liked looking after people'

'I liked making the dip pens because it was fun'

'I loved everything. It was the best day ever!'

07.01.22   In Maths, we looked at capacity. We had to read scales in intervals of 2s, 5s and 10s. We then had to estimate the capacity of different sized containers. In computing, we gathered data and practiced creating pictograms using 2Count on purple mash.

Autumn 2

Celebration - Astronaut Academy Day

Throughout the morning we had several challenges to complete to see if we had what it took to become an astronaut. We had to put our fitness, memory and resilience to the test. We even designed our own space patches.

Art Week - L.S. Lowry

Watford Primary Stars

Deco Day

Road Safety Awareness Week

WC - 01.11.21

In English, we were focusing on performance poetry. We learnt the poem 'Firework Poem' by James Carter. In our performance we used expression and actions to bring the poem to life. We hope you enjoy our performance!

Beech Class

Autumn 1

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