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Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School


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Children need to be in school consistently in order to learn and build positive relationships with their peers and adults.  We recognise the fact that as an Infant School we teach young children who can be prone to illness as they are building up their immune system.  However, if they are well they MUST be in school.

In line with the School’s attendance policy and Government guidance we are unable to authorise any requests for holiday during term time. Requests for absence in exceptional circumstances maybe be authorised at the discretion of the Head teacher.  As such, should you take a holiday during term time your child's absence will be  marked as unauthorised.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Section 23 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 empowers schools to issue penalty notices in cases of unauthorised absence of pupils of statutory school age.

At Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School we expect parents to work with us to address attendance problems. If a pupil has at least 15 sessions (half day=1 session) unauthorised absence, in the current and/or previous term, the head teacher may ask the LA to issue a Penalty Notice.

The amount payable is £60 (per parent) if paid within 21 days or £120 (per parent) if paid after 21 days but within 28 days of receipt of the notice.  If the penalty notice remains unpaid after the expiry of the payment period and the Local Authority has not withdrawn the notice, the Local Authority will prosecute for the offence under section 444 of the Education Act 1996.

Every day counts

As an Infant School, the children are often prone to illness and infection until they build more of a resistance to bugs and germs.

However, to encourage good attendance and help your children make the best possible progress in their learning we are keeping you informed of attendance figures for the school, your child's class and individual attendance.

Attendance Policy (pdf 306kb)

Is my child well enough to be in school?

Weekly Class Attendance Figures 
Week Commencing 19th October 2020

Chestnut 99.29%
Maple 95.85%
Oak 98.24%
Hazel 95.67%
Beech 98.62%
Pine 97.99%



Well done to all classes who achieved above 95%

Spring Term 2020 Attendance
January to March 2020
Whole school average attendance : 92.26%
(attendance for 96% and above is classed as 'good')

Oak 93.58%
Hazel 91%
Chestnut 91.70%
Maple 88.80%
Pine 92.04%
Beech 95.99%