Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School

The children and the adults all enjoyed the Bounce workshop!

January 2023

James Brunt - Land artist visit

October 2022

Forest school July 2022

Our whole school art focus


June 2022

Our Jubilee celebrations

27th May 2022

Our coronation

Music through the decades 

Musical fun - Year 2 are learning to play the ukulele! February 2022

Nursery farm visit - June 2021

Early years fun - May 2021 

Forest school April 2021 

Science week April 2021 

Diwali November 2020

Forest School November 2020


Geography Georgie

Geography Georgie is an alien who wants to know about planet earth! Children in each class are visited by Georgie and as they help her find things out about planet earth she helps them recognise and understand their geographical learning. 

Space Dome November 2020

Year 2 started their topic with a 'Wow' with a visit from the Space Dome

Year 2 - Count on me

Year 2 celebration morning 17th July 

Here comes the ice cream van!


World Religion Day and Holi celebration June 2022

Our Jubilee celebrations

27th May 2022

Our Jubilee Street Party 

Tree planting 

We planted a 'Flamingo salix' to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee

Computing 2022

Religion Day - June 2021

Lorna Simpson

The whole school considered the work of American photographer and multimedia artist, Lorna Simpson. One of her pieces was chosen by the Obamas to hang in the White House. The children loved the fact that her type of 'art' was fully accessible. 

We posted some of the children's work on our Instagram page and Lorna Simpson herself commented! Very exciting! 

Sparklers November 2020

More Year 2 celebration morning 17th July 2020

Only one you