Mrs N O'Connell

Deputy Headteacher           

Miss S Razzaque

Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Waters

Learning Support Assistants 

Mrs L Evans
Mrs Z Oliver
Mrs M Reading
Mrs M Witherall

Reception Teachers          

Miss S Razzaque and Mrs F Ripley
Miss B Stokes

Nursery Nurse                  

Mrs A Dwight
Mrs J Evans

Learning Support Assistants         

Mrs M Reading
Mrs L Wilson

Year 1 Teachers                 

Mrs V Billingham and Mrs Rayment (Fri)
Miss S Murphy and Mrs Rayment (Thurs)

Learning Support Assistants           

Mrs J Fricker
Mrs M Kennell
Mrs A Skinner

Year 2 Teachers                

Ms G Baldemor
Mrs P Clewett

Learning Support Assistants             

Miss L Bird
Mrs D Bishop
Mrs J Fricker
Mrs G Niven
Mrs C Wakeman

Child Wellbeing Specialist & Family Advisor             

Mrs S Khan


Mrs I Field

Special Needs Support        

Mrs J Blundell

School Secretaries             

Mrs L Mitchell
Mrs T Moore
Mrs P Oney

Site Manager                   

Mr G Davis


Mrs M Beauchamp
Mrs J Manning

Midday Supervisor Assistants        

Mrs J Aimes-Showell
Miss M Butcher
Mrs V Haran
Mrs T Jewell
Mrs C Wakeman

Kitchen Staff                   

Mrs S Hosier [Cook]
Mrs D McMahon [Assistant Cook]
Mrs C Webb (General Assistant) 

All teachers have responsibility for at least one curriculum area. They are as follows:

Mrs Billingham - Computing subject leader
    Ms Baldemor - RE & PSHE subject leader
Mrs Clewett - Science subject leader
Mrs Field - SEN/Pupil Premium
Mrs Khan - Art/Design & Technology subject leader
Miss Murphy - KS1 and History subject leader
Mrs Rayment - Maths leader
Miss Razzaque - Early Years, Assessment & Co-Literacy subject leader
Mrs F Ripley - Co-Literacy subject leader
 - Music subject leader
Mrs J Waters - PE/MSA subject leader

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