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Home Learning- Weekly Assemblies with Mrs O'Connell



Friday 5th March - The rabbit listened 

Friday 26th February 2021 - My Pet Star 

Friday 12th February 2021 - Ellie's magic wellies

Friday 5th February 2021 - The Invisible

Friday 29th January 2021 - She Rex

Friday 22nd January 2021 - The very hungry worry monsters 

Friday 15th January 2021 - Izzy Gizmo

Friday 8th January 2021  - Bog Baby 

***********FEELGOOD WEEK 8TH -12TH FEBRUARY 2021*********

Please see a range of 'feelgood stories and activities' for you to enjoy during this week

Mrs Field - Baking

Miss Anna - Yoga

Miss Jones- Draw with me

Mrs Rayment-  Easy Peasy Bird Feeder

Mrs Ripley - Natural art

Miss Turner - Mindfulness 

Mrs O'Connell - Jar of Joy

Mrs Binns - Winter Ice ornament/winter sun catcher 

Miss Scott - Walking Scavenger Hunt

Mrs Butler - Jazzies

Miss Jeal - Hopscotch

Miss Razzaque - Mentos experiment

Miss Fox- Build a den

Mrs O'Connell's Feel good week stories 

Super Duper You

Sometimes I feel ....

Rain before rainbows

Once upon a dragon's fire

The love monster and the last chocolate - Valentine's Day Special

Safer Internet Day 9.2.21

Detective Digiduck and Safer Internet DayAssemby with Mrs Butler - Computing leader


Update Tuesday 14th July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly - The Special guest

Update Monday 13th July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly - I am Henry Finch

Update Wednesday 8th July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly - The journey home

Update Tuesday 7th July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly -The Worrysaurus

Update Thursday 2nd July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly - When I grow up

Update Wednesday 1st July 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly - Welcome 

Update Monday 29th June 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Assembly -Every child a song


Update Monday 22nd June 2020 

Mrs O'Connell's Monday Assembly - Leaf

Update Thursday 18th June 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Thursday Assembly - The Kiss

Link to the Duchess of Cornwall's Assembly on Kindness  - https://oaknat.uk/3dcOVFx


Update Tuesday 9th June 2020

Mrs O'Connell's Tuesday Assembly - Kind

Reception Talk4Writing - Max's Jungle 

Year 1 Talk4Writing - Brian Bear

Year 2 Talk4Writing - Superheroes


Update Monday 4th May 2020

As you know the children complete the 'Daily Mile' each day in school, in addition to this week's Sports Project theme please find some helpful resources from 'The Daily Mile' enjoy!



Update Monday 27th April 2020 

Talk 4 Writing have released some new writing booklets for each year group, we hope that you enjoy them. 

Year 2 Talk 4 Writing 

Reception Talk 4 Writing 

Year 1 Talk 4 Writing 


Free Computing resources. 



Update Tuesday 21st April 2020

Out of the Ark an online Music/Singing resource have provided free access for home learning during the current crisis. 

Songs are linked to fun learning activities. 

Please click on the link below to be redirected to the site. 

Out of the ark at home 

**Update Saturday 18th April 2020**

https://www.zsl.org/learning-resources   Link to London Zoo learning resources which could help with this week's Animal's project

Below is some information about managing wellbeing in these challenging times and about the new BBC home learning service which is launching on Monday.

****Update Tuesday 14th April 2020**

Playing actively in and around the home 

****Update Tuesday 14th April 2020**

These specially written Talk4Writing booklets follow the same structure which we follow in which your children will all be familiar with. There is one for each year group. Share the story and work your way through the activities. Enjoy!

Reception booklet 

Year 1 booklet

Year 2 booklet

***Update Tuesday  7th April  2020 *

Gratitude challenge 

A beautiful resource about birds, perhaps you could listen out for these when you are out for a walk ...


A helpful guide on how you can help your child's reading during the school closure 


***Update Friday  3rd April  2020

Years 1 and Two Family Project

Early Years Family Project

*****Update Monday 30th March 2020 **

Weekly learning projects - Family- A selection of tasks, including Maths, Writing, Phonics/Spelling, Art, PSHE,  for you to complete each day based on the theme of 'Family' 

Please click on the links below 

Years 1 and Two Family Project

Early Years Family Project

Years 1 and 2 - Dinosaurs love Underpants - Activities taking place in school this week

Nursery and Reception - Three little pigs Activities taking place in school this week

Tricky words resource https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvMyssfAUx0&feature=youtu.be

If you have any questions about any of the resources please email head@holtsmereinfants.herts.sch.uk 

******Update Wednesday 25th March 2020 ****

If you have an Instagram account check out @creation.in.isolation for fun and practical ideas for learning at home

Free Maths resource www.themathsfactor.com which has been created by Carol Voderman for children 4-11 years

David Walliams is also releasing an audio story each day for 30 days which you could listen to with your children  https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses

See lots of different live habitats on https://www.explore.org/livecams  Great for discussion and observation


Craft ideas

******Update Tuesday 24th March 2020 **    Look on the 'Reading for Pleasure' section on Tuesday evening for 2 new stories read by Miss Turner and Mrs O'Connell 

Please look on the Reading for Pleasure section and listen to the 'Nibbles' story, below are some activities which we are linked to the book which you could do at home.

'Nibbles' activity ideas 


*****Look at the Harper Collins website where you can log in and look at books according to your child's book band**


Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20! 

Click Login


** Herts for Learning Essential Maths Challenges for Year 1 and 2**

 Year 1 Maths challenges - Click below


Year 1 Essential Maths - Eggs

Year 1 Autumn Revisit

Year 1 Spring Revisit

Year 1 Spring Revisit (b)


Year 2 Maths challenges - Click below


Year 2 Essential Maths - Eggs

Year 2 Autumn Revisit

Year 2 Autumn Revisit (b)

Year 2 Spring Revisit

Year 2 Spring Revisit (b)


 *****Update Monday 23rd March 2020 *****

*****All of the children have used a programme called Purple Mash in school, the log in details are below***

If your child is in Reception - username is reception password - reception

If they are in Year 1 username name is year1 password - year1

If they are in Year 2 username name is year2 password - year2


Phonics  - See the section on our website









Reading - See the section on our website






Indoor activities


 www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga  Yoga videos designed for children 3+


Nursery and Reception 

Challenge Chart - Nursery and Reception

Nursery websites

We use KIDS TV 123 on you tube for many of our favourite class songs including

Phonics song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPVbJ-IaHIw&list=PL9bsPVRSg1slFUV0lwCnZsvoXaFrY9mg0

There are two shapes songs:



Where’s the Monkey? Is good for positional vocabulary (and gets everyone very excited!)



Everyone finds the Colourbubblies song very soothing:


Counting up to 10 and back



For wake and shake time, we use Jack Hartmann. It’s very cheesy but the children enjoy the songs!

I can move my body like anything! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLaJ4jyKBUY

Get up to get down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMNShIa7jqM

Animals in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT86Dl442jA


There are some nice stories and songs on Barefoot Books



Below are some school subscription services that are providing guidance and resources for free if the school is closed.

You will only be able to access these for free if schools are closed.


Twinkl – Setting this up is really easy to do - go to  www.twinkl.co.uk/offer  and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Classroom secrets – Free access to child version of the site https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/home-online-learning/

Primary stars – Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures (KS1)


 Creative ideas  

  • Craft (google ideas)                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  •  Drawing and painting
  • Teach them how to change their bed sheets
  •  Junk modelling
  •  Collage making
  •  Paper chains
  •  Finger/potato printing
  •  Homemade marble runs/tracks
  •  Den building
  •  Lego/construction
  •  Story/poem writing
  •  Origami/paper planes
  •  Role Play and theatre shows with toys
  •  Singing/karaoke
  •  Basic home science experiments
  •  Learn magic tricks
  •  Face painting
  •  Sock puppets
  •  Design a magazine/newspaper
  •  Make a time capsule
  •  Make a happy thoughts jar/boxes/journals
  •  Painting with unusual objects
  •  Play shops
  •  Write a diary or make an isolation survival book
  •  Go tree/surface searching/rubbing with crayons
  •  Dressing up    
  • Life Skills 
  •  Cook dinner with the children
  •  Sort/organise a room at home
  •  Make bread
  •  Reorganise cupboards/drawers/rooms
  •  Teach them basic DIY skills
  •  Practice basic mathematics – money/budgeting etc
  •  Cooking & baking & menu planning
  •  Helping cleaning/hoovering
  •  Teach them to tie their laces
  •  Teach them to use the washing machine
  •  Teach them how to change their bed sheets

Quiet activities 

  •  Send emails/letters/pictures to your friends and family
  •  Board games and jigsaws
  •  Teach them to braid hair
  •  Handwriting practice – to do lists/ shopping lists etc
  •  Read to the children
  •  Get them to read to you
  •  Have a PJ day
  •  Have a movie day
  •  Look through old photos and memory boxes




1 cup plain (all-purpose) flour

½ cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 cup water with food colouring added

1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional but it makes the play dough smell nice!)


Put all the ingredients into a large saucepan, and stir over a medium heat until the dough forms into a ball. Allow to cool, and then knead until smooth.

Store in an airtight container (a Ziploc bag with the air pressed out is good).




PVA Glue

Bicarbonate of Soda or Baking Powder

Contact Lens/Eyewash solution that contains borax in the ingredients


Squirt PVA glue into a bowl

Add a pinch of Bicarb or baking powder

Add 2-3 drops of lens/eyewash solution

Stir until totally mixed together and it starts to get stiff

Knead together in bowl

Add any food colouring or glitter




1cup salt

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup lukewarm water


In a large bowl mix salt and flour.

Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.

With your hands form a ball with your dough and kneed it for at least 5 minutes. The longer you kneed your dough the smoother it will be.

Store your salt dough in a air tight container and you will be able to use it for days.

You can paint your creations with acrylic paints and seal with varnish or polyurethane spray. You can let your salt dough creations air dry, however salt dough can also be dried in the oven.

Bake at 200 F until your creation is dry. The amount of time needed to bake your creations depends on size and thickness; thin flat ornaments may only take 45-60 minutes, thicker creations can take 2-3 hours or more. You can increase your oven temperature to 350 F, your dough will dry faster but it may also brown, which won't matter if you are painting your entire creation (you can also cover your dough in the oven before it turns brown). 

 Emotional wellbeing

  • Have a tablet/console/phone free day
  •  Mindfulness exercises
  •  Pamper evening
  •  Gratitude treasure hunt (see below)
  •  Resilience bingo (see below)
  •  The five senses exercises (see below)
  •  Meditation
  •  Research and find your favourite positive affirmation or quote
  •  Make a worry bag/jar/box and write or draw your worries and place inside
  •  Learn a new skill or try something new


Stay active

Gratitude Treasure Hunt:

Something that makes you feel happy

One thing you love to smell

Something you like to look at

One thing that tastes good

Something that is your favourite colour

Something that makes you smile in nature

One thing that is very useful for you

One song that makes you happy

Something to give to someone else to make them smile


Resilience Bingo

Find one item that makes you feel calm and happy

Think of a time you felt really happy

Take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly

Give yourself a hug

Get a drink of water and look after your body

Find a place at home that makes you feel calm and happy and sit there for a minute

Tell someone you love how important they are to you

STOP! Take a minute to think about what is happening


The Five Senses Exercise

Something you can SEE

Something you can HEAR

Something you can TASTE

Something you can FEEL

Something you can SMELL


Useful links